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Increasing the understanding of Islam helps us ensure that Muslim’s rights are upheld in the workplace, at school and other public arenas. These trainings offer a safe space for questions about Muslims and Islam.  CAIR-Kansas has developed a variety of trainings for non Muslims and Muslims in the community and tailors each training to fit the needs of the client. These are some general outlines of the trainings we conduct:

  • Employers - 
  • Schools - Our school training educates, school officials, administrators, teachers and support staff on the beliefs and practices of their Muslim students and colleagues. We cover issues on accommodating religious practice in the school and understanding cultural differences.
  • Media Professionals- CAIR-Kansas meets with individual news outlets. Journalists are provided with information on American Muslims and areas of consideration when covering Muslims.
  • Public Service Agencies/Government - Our Public Service trainings reach out to professionals providing services to the Muslim community, educating service providers on Islamic beliefs and culture as it relates to their industry needs. 
  • Community Trainings:

Know Your Rights - CAIR-Kansas offers the community trainings that go over an individuals rights when at the airport, when interacting with law enforcement (FBI and Police) , at work and at school ensuring that Muslims understand their rights, obligations and responsibilities under the law. CAIR-Kansas has provided these trainings all across the state and has reached over 10,000 of our constituents.

Media - CAIR-Kansas provides the community with training on how to publicize their events, raise awareness for their services and activities, respond to negative press and build relationships with media professionals.

If you would like to request a training, please contact CAIR-Kansas at (785) 251-0551 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..